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5 Useful Tips from Studiobricks for Beginner Voice Actors

If you’re a beginner voice actor, we understand how challenging it can be to face a voice-over or dubbing recording session. The initial experiences can be overwhelming and generate anxiety in the face of the unknown. But don’t worry, practice and preparation are the keys to success. That’s why in this article, we share 5 useful tips from Studiobricks that will help you prepare for your voice recording sessions. With these tips, you’ll feel more confident and secure in giving your best performance.

#1 Practice your diction:

Diction is essential for clarity and understanding of what is being said. Voice actors must ensure proper pronunciation of words, as well as maintaining a good rhythm and tone when speaking.

One way to improve diction is by practicing reading aloud. You can select texts from different genres such as news, stories, poems, among others, to work on the correct pronunciation of words. You can also record yourself while reading and then listen to identify and correct any pronunciation errors.

Another option to enhance your diction skills is to take diction classes or work with a voice coach. These professionals will help you correct any specific diction issues you may have, as well as teach you techniques to improve intonation and rhythm when speaking. Ultimately, practicing your diction is essential for developing your career as a voice actor and improving the quality of your work.

#2 Use your voice effectively

The voice is the most important tool for a voice actor, so it’s necessary to learn how to use it properly to stand out in your performances.

First and foremost, it’s important to use a variety of tones and rhythms when speaking to maintain the audience’s attention. Monotony in speech can bore and disconnect the listener, so working on vocal variety is crucial to avoid this.

Additionally, working on breath control is necessary for proper voice projection. Deep and controlled breathing is key to ensuring your voice sounds clear and strong. If you don’t breathe properly, your voice may sound tired or weak.

Furthermore, voice projection is crucial for delivering your message clearly. It’s important to speak clearly and energetically, without exaggerating or straining your voice. This way, your audience will be able to understand what you’re saying without getting tired of listening to you. Vocal variety, proper breathing, and voice projection are essential elements to consider for successful performances.

#3 Research and prepare your material

research your material

Before each presentation, it’s essential for voice actors to gather information about the topic they will be presenting and have a clear idea of what they want to say and how to say it. This requires reading and studying about the subject matter. This way, you’ll have a deep knowledge of the topic and be able to convey it with clarity and precision.


Additionally, it’s important to practice the presentation several times before recording to feel confident and prepared. This will allow you to correct errors, improve intonation and pronunciation of words, and make any necessary adjustments in the delivery.

#4 Utilize silence

Another important tip that Studiobricks offers, especially for beginner voice actors, is to effectively use silence during your presentations. Pausing can be a powerful tool as it can help emphasize an idea or give your audience time to reflect on what you’ve just said.

To achieve effective silence, it’s necessary for the voice actor to have proper control of their voice and the recording environment. For this, it can be of great help to have an adequate recording space that is acoustically isolated. Our professional recording booths, like the Studiobricks One XXL, provide an exceptional working environment that can be of great benefit.

These booths offer the highest acoustic isolation in the market, allowing you to record in a quiet environment without external interference. Additionally, their modular and adaptable design allows for customization according to the needs of each voice actor or recording studio.

utilize silence

#5 Create a suitable working environment

Your working environment can have a significant impact on the quality of your presentation. Make sure to have a quiet and distraction-free space for recording. Use quality equipment and a professional working environment to ensure excellent sound quality. Also, take care of your vocal health and get proper rest to maintain your voice in good condition.

Don’t wait any longer to launch your career as a voice actor! Implement these five useful tips we provide and start practicing. For more information, visit our blog and website to continue learning about voice acting, recording, and sound. Explore all the options of soun isolation booths we have available for you. Contact us and remember that with dedication and practice, you can become an exceptional voice actor!