Freedom to be loud

Silence is a

and now it can be yours

We believe silence is a superpower for focus & creation. Studiobricks’ sound isolation spaces give you this power, providing the freedom to create in your way and on your terms. Our unrivaled sound-isolation is paired with sustainable production practices & impeccable aesthetics, while our patented design allows you to assemble & disassemble the booth whenever life requires.
Freedom to be loud, silent, creative, productive

Freedom to be you.

our history

Our story

Studiobricks S.L. is an innovative company with a vivid history. Its origins go back to 2008 when the first Studiobricks booth was built out of the personal need of its founder Guillermo Jungbauer. He needed a rehearsal space with good acoustics to play his saxophone without bothering his neighbors at night after work in a normal downtown apartment.

The first bricks for the patented Studiobricks modular system were developed with acoustic engineers. Success was there from the beginning and so the company was born. In November 2008 Studiobricks S.L. starts to operate with a solid and independent growth. Guillermo Jungbauer and Laurent Michel Decroix started working together and expanded the presence of the company across the European market.

From its head office in Barcelona, the company expanded its sales network throughout the world. Miguel Donoso-Cortés founded Studiobricks USA Inc. and develops the USA market from NYC since 2015. Studiobricks ships worldwide to 49 countries.

Studiobricks booths are all produced in our own factory in Lliçà de Vall, close to Barcelona (Spain) and our head office is right above the production line allowing us to have full control of the manufacturing of the products.

Our values


Clean lines and sleek finishes allow our booths to accentuate and coexist within your space.


Our patented design allows you to easily assemble & disassemble the booth whenever life requires.


We provide the best modular sound isolation solution in the market.


Our sound isolation solutions give you the freedom to imagine, work and create in your way and on your terms.


We source & select materials that are friendly on the environment and your health.

state sound isolation

State-of-the-art sound isolation

We have been perfecting our sound control technology for over 10 years. All booths are made of sustainable high-performance materials and provide two-way sound isolation so that:

  1. minimum sound leaking from outside to inside. 
  2. minimum sound leaking from inside to outside, and
  3. internal acoustics are optimized for all use types

For specific sound reduction measurements, please see each product’s spec reports.

Quick & easy
to assemble

Studiobricks sound isolation booths can be built in minutes, giving you the freedom to assemble and dismount the booth whenever life requires.

Our patented modular systems allow for easy setup & breakdown, without sacrificing quality or performance.

The secret is in our proprietary tongue-and-groove design that enables easy assembly while preventing sounds from escaping between panels.

easy assemble


Because Studiobricks booths are easy to (dis)assemble, you can take them with you without affecting their performance.


Most booths disrupt a space’s look & feel. Studiobricks’ clean lines and sleek finishes accentuate & enrich their environment.
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All Studiobricks Office Solutions booths are manufactured with fire retardant materials that exceed protection requirements and keep users safe. Surface materials, upholstery and acoustic absorbers are 100% flame retardant and tested to comply with local and international standards. For music and recording booths fire retardant materials are available upon request.

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Our team and distributors are available to help with any post-sales requests. We stand by our products, and view each client as a longlasting relationship.

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Top-tier materials

Top tier materials

We source and use the best materials. This guarantees a long-lasting product while supporting our ecosystem through sustainable practices.

External layers are stuck together with wood glue, while internal acoustic absorbers are fixed with water-based adhesive.

We never use solvents, mineral wool, or other low-level absorbents.

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Customized to your needs

Whatever space you have, our booths can adapt in size, up to 50 m2 per booth.

Divide a large space into several smaller ones.

Movable door & window positionings can adapt to current & future spaces.

Add a sound-controlled booth within a noisy industrial environment.

Color options that fit your space & taste.