Freedom to be loud

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We believe silence is a superpower for focus & creation. Our sound isolation spaces give you this power, providing the freedom to create in your way and on your terms.

One / One Plus / One XXL

Compact and flexible booths for voiceover, narration and music practice. Ideal for home or small recording studios.

Double / Triple Wall Custom Booths

State-of-the-art custom booths equipped with double or triple wall for sound production.

Voiceover Edition

The ideal toolkit for voiceover, narration, podcast, or any other sound production.

Phone Booths

Space-saving phone booths on casters for flexibility and easy relocation.

Focus Booths

Quiet booths for focused work, calls, or videoconferences. Ideal for the home office, remote work and open spaces.

Sound isolation booths for audiometry, spirometry and sleep study testing.

Contact us to collaborate on special projects, such as sleeping booths, industrial/ machinery sound reduction construction site booths, telemedicine booths, training rooms, etc

Acoustic Advice

Design the acoustics of your studio, office or restaurant with the guidance of our engineering and acoustics design team.


We offer packages for an ample variety of use cases and spaces.
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