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Creating Tranquility: Tapla’s Factory Transformation with Studiobricks booths

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In this article, we unveil how Studiobricks booths have revolutionized Tapla’s workplace, a spanish leading company designing, manufacturing, and marketing global technical flocking solutions, especially for the automotive industry. Tapla decided to incorporate two Studiobricks booths in their warehouse and logistics area, aiming to have a tranquil space for meetings and focused work, free from the usual noise caused by forklifts and material movement. Acoustic isolation was crucial for Tapla, making Studiobricks the perfect choice.

During our privileged visit and interview with Montse Ramon, Strategic Planning Manager of Tapla, we learned that they commissioned 2 booths to have isolated meeting spaces in their logistics area.

According to their needs, we provided a large Meet-up 10+ booth (15 x 22 ft, seating 12 people) for group meetings and presentations, and a 4-seater booth for smaller gatherings, one-to-one meetings, newhire interviews and focused work.

We were intrigued by Tapla’s resource management and internal organization, based on Lean and Agile methodologies. Our booths became an integral part of their management model, with Tapla endearingly naming them “Studio” and “Bricks.” This detail made us feel valued and special.


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Explore the full interview to learn more about Tapla’s journey with Studiobricks:


  1. Tell us a little bit about what Tapla does

Design, manufacture and marketing of global technical flocking solutions, especially in the automotive sector.

  1. Why did you decide to get Studiobricks booths? What needs did you have to consider this purchase?

We needed a space for meetings and teamwork; due to growth, what were previously meeting rooms had become work offices.

  1. How did you come to know Studiobricks and why did you choose Studiobricks over another solution on the market?

We were looking for a quick and efficient solution to solve the space issue, and we found Studiobricks on the Internet, even though we were neighbors we didn’t know the product they were offering to the market.

  1. Now that you’ve integrated Studiobricks booths into your setup, in which particular aspects have these soundproofing solutions exceeded your expectations?

While various methods exist for constructing meeting spaces using different structural approaches, none quite match the remarkable isolation and soundproofing that Studiobricks booths offer. These booths not only excel in energy efficiency but also provide unparalleled privacy and comfort, effectively isolating both external disturbances and internal noises.

  1. Have you discovered any additional applications for the booths beyond meetings that you might not have initially considered?

Not at the moment, since they have been designed for work, meetings, videoconferences, and we use them a lot, we had a great need for such a space.

We must note that when utilized by a single individual for online meetings, the small room offers a notably calming experience. It effectively eliminates external noise, creating an environment that adds an extra layer of tranquility by isolating one from disruptive sounds.

  1. In what ways do the Studiobricks booths contribute to simplifying your work?

These rooms are incredibly functional; they offer a high level of comfort for work. As mentioned earlier, the soundproofing and insulation they provide are significant advantages.

  1. How has the custom-designed large meeting room booth specifically enhanced both the comfort and efficiency of your meetings involving a larger number of participants?

The spacious booth perfectly fulfills our requirements, tailored to our specific needs in terms of interior layout and furnishings. Its adaptability to industrial settings renders it an “all-terrain” solution, aligning seamlessly with our company ethos. This design showcases our commitment to order and ensuring that our endeavors precisely match our needs. 

  1. What standout features and characteristics of the soundproof booths have left the most lasting impression on you?

The remarkable quietness within, attributed to its exceptional isolation.

  1. How would you describe the level of sound isolation offered by the soundproof booths in a noisy industrial environment? To what extent have the booths contributed to improving the privacy and confidentiality of your meetings in a shared industrial space?

It really is the main strenght as we have mentioned.


caso exito tapla dos studio bricks


  1. How was the process of getting the booths? How would you describe the overall experience of working with Studiobricks in terms of communication, installation and technical support? 

Not only because of the geographic proximity, but because of the proximity of the whole team, it was something that flowed and we were able to work everything out as we went along with the project. 

  1. Would you recommend Studiobricks soundproofing booths to other organizations or clients in similar situations?



Tapla’s success story showcases how Studiobricks booths can transform industrial environments into multifunctional spaces, fostering productivity, tranquility, and focus. As leaders in sound isolation booths, Studiobricks is proud to contribute to Tapla’s improved workspace, offering tailor-made, high-quality solutions that fit their unique requirements.

To experience Tapla’s sound isolation quality, watch the difference in sound inside and outside the booth in our Youtube video.

Tapla serves as a living testament to the positive impact our booths have on employee well-being and business productivity. To elevate the quality of your meetings, enhance concentration, and foster a harmonious work environment, get in touch with us. Explore how we can elevate your business—be it a factory, production facility, or office—to new heights of efficiency and comfort.