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The 4 best isolation booths for voice and music recording from Studiobricks

The use of an optimal space for recording sound productions is directly related to the final quality of the same, where there are better conditions there will be a cleaner result that raises the sound production level. Therefore, content producers are increasingly opting for innovative recording alternatives such as sound solation booths from Studiobricks. These enclosures reduce sound significantly, allowing artists and creators to have all the necessary conditions to develop their projects with professional quality levels.

The Studiobricks isolation booths were created in 2008 by a musician to avoid making noise that could disturb his neighbors, but over the years this recording technique was perfected to the point of becoming one of the ideal alternatives for recording. making productions such as advertisements, music recordings, radio programs, podcasts, dubbing for movies and series, among others. With the use of isolation booths, artists will have the freedom to choose in which times and spaces they wish to record, since their unique and practical design allows them to be installed in homes, offices, studios or any other closed place.

At a time when music and entertainment productions have such a capacity for dissemination, many creative people have decided to undertake projects for different streaming platforms. Due to this, creators have sought to design adequate recording spaces at home, and sound isolation booths are perfect to provide greater technical quality to their audiences who, in short, are what make the programs sustainable or make the songs successful.

Taking into account the needs of many producers and artists, in Studiobricks we have decided to make the list of the best isolation booths for music and voice recording. All have optimal technical conditions to create quiet spaces in which professional projects can be developed from the place of your choice and at the precise moment of inspiration.

All the brand’s insulation booths are manufactured under the same patented soundproofing method and with the same high-quality materials that guarantee two-way soundproofing. In addition, its modular structure is removable and is designed with a tongue and groove fixing system. So if you are one of those artists who want to take their projects to the next level, pay attention to the isolation booths that we will present below. 

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  1. One
We will open our list with one of the most practical isolation booths in the market. Its main characteristic is that it has a comfortable size to fit in rooms at smal apartments or homes. The Studiobricks One booth is ideal for professional narration or voice-overs, as well as for individual musical practice. It comes with an LED light that illuminates its interior and despite being small it provides enough space to record comfortably.
  1. One Plus
This reference of isolation booths gives producers the possibility to move inside it or even share it with another recording partner if necessary. Due to its size, it can be very useful for use in houses with a little more space or with a room dedicated to the production of music or voice projects. All Studiobricks enclosures can be made in all RAL colors, allowing the users to harmonize the aesthetics of their studio with the style of their homes. 
  1. One XXL
For music producers, podcasts and other products that require the intervention of several people, the Studiobricks XXL isolation booths are the best way to go. It is of considerable size with a height of 7.41 ft, a width of 6.50 ft and a depth of 3.97 ft. This option provides more freedom of movement. 
  1. Custom 
We’ll finish our list with the customized sound isolation booths, where the dimensions are not a concern, since, in this case, we offer multiple configurations so the booths meet the users’ space spaces. It is worth mentioning that although the sizes vary, the type of material used for its construction and its soundproofing capacity is just as effective as in the rest of the Studiobricks products. If you are interested in any of the booths mentioned in this list and want to request more information, you can contact us or get a quote here