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How to know which are the best acoustic booths for your music production studio?

Acoustic booths music production studio

Every album, song, jingle and any other musical production that you have listened to throughout your life were most likely recorded in spaces designed specifically to optimize sound quality. In general, music studios have acoustic booths in which they develop the artistic processes of singers and musicians. When we talk about these spaces we must take into account that the level of professionalism is very high. Musicians seek to maintain quality parameters that generate a final product that meets the clear and clean sound that listeners are used to today. 

Acoustic booths are ideal spaces for recording because they allow much cleaner shots in which external noises and interferences are reduced to a minimum. Over the years, these types of technologies have evolved, which is why vinyl records from decades ago have other types of sounds a little less clean in their recording. The use of acoustic booths today is almost mandatory for music producers and singers, since the public got used to an optimal audio quality and it’s almost unthinkable to find songs with technical flaws in this regard. 

If you are a music producer you will know that there are digital ways to correct errors in sound recording, such as those offered by audio editing programs, but these will never provide the same technical quality that recordings that are professionally recorded from the get go in an acoustic booth can provide. What are the conditions that acoustic booths must have to offer ideal recording spaces? To understand this, it is necessary to talk a little bit about some basic concepts of sound that in the end are decisive to understand the importance of acoustic booths in the recording of any musical project.      

Sound is a wave-like physical phenomenon that is transmitted through air. To generate it, a source is necessary to initiate the waves that are transmitted in space. Depending on intensity, generally these waves fade in its route, if there’s enough space. But if the spaces are closed and narrow, the waves tend to hit the surrounding surfaces generating a rebound effect. This is one of the most important benefits of acoustic booths, since they completely absorb the movement of these sound waves, preventing them from getting into the recording and interfering with the process.

Understanding this is essential to know what type of acoustic booths are the most suitable for each music producer. Depending on the type of recordings to be made, you will need a space customized for your needs. Let’s explore two more concepts about sound: frequency, which is the number of wave cycles that occur in a given time, and amplitude, which is the number of decibels that a sound generates, this is also popularly known as volume. 

If music producers often make recordings of ensembles, orchestras or musical groups, they will need more space to allow the waves from each sound source to  travel through the environment. In this case, the acoustic booths must be large to be able to respond to these needs, if, on the contrary, the recordings made by a producer are generally of the voice of a single singer, the acoustic booths can be smaller.

Whatever the size required for recording rooms, a parameter that must remain in all acoustic booths is their airtight capacity that completely isolates the sound outside and inside. In this sense, Studiobricks acoustic booths stand out, because they are developed with a technology of bricks installed with tabs and grooves that, when fitted, completely isolate the noise in a bidirectional way, preventing it from leaving or entering the acoustic booths.

These acoustic booths are ideal for musical productions because they present a unique versatility that adapts to the needs of each producer, since they come in multiple  sizes ranging from individual booths to complete band booths. Each client has the option of customizing the dimensions of the booths depending on their acoustic needs or choosing between standardized sizes. 

If you want more information about acoustic booths, you can explore our website and learn more about the technical components of  our booths that allow high-quality musical productions. Likewise, you can contact us directly if you have any questions or want a personalized quote.