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Introducing the G-SOUND Kit: Transforming any room into a professional studio

G-SOUND Kit studiobricks

Welcome to a new era of sound engineering! Studiobricks proudly presents the G-SOUND Kit – a revolutionary solution for professionals and enthusiasts seeking unparalleled acoustic excellence.

Unlock the next level of acoustic brilliance:

The G-SOUND Kit is a meticulously curated selection of high-quality absorbers, expertly crafted for professionals in both home-based and studio environments. Elevate your sound experience with these superior acoustic absorption panels, designed to enhance your voice and music.

Effortless professional-grade acoustics:

With the Studiobricks G-SOUND Kit, professional-grade acoustics are delivered effortlessly, ensuring that your voice and music sound superior, free from undesired echoes. Save time, skip the hassles of elaborate preparations, and let your creativity flow seamlessly.

Unveiling the G-SOUND KIT:

G, derived from GOOD, encapsulates the essence of the G-SOUND Kit – delivering good sound for you and your business. The goodness is embodied in the form of ECO45 acoustic absorbing panels and CORNER BTraps, our excellent bass traps. These are the utmost quality sound absorbers in the market, rendering reverberation time a problem of another era.

The G-SOUND Goodness – meticulously crafted material:

1. Good for Your Sound: 20% Better Acoustic Performance Than Foam

Conducting an acoustic study comparing ECO45 absorbers to foam (FR25) validates the G-SOUND Kit’s remarkable 20% improvement. It triumphs over traditional foam, reducing reverberation time and banishing echoes for precision sound control.

Acoustic performance_Eco45 vs. Polyurethane foam


2. Good for Your Health: healthier than foam with the lowest toxic emissions

Time-resistant material promotes a healthy environment without harmful emissions. ECO45 demonstrates commendable indoor air quality with low VOC concentrations, meeting health standards and providing a healthy environment. Our sound-absorbing material is completely non-flammable, abrasion-resistant, and moisture-resistant, ensuring maximum safety. Studiobricks’ acoustic solutions have become the safest acoustic solution on the market.

3. Good for Your Walls: Durable and ready to plug-and-play

The G-SOUND Kit’s user-friendly installation guide ensures a swift setup, letting you invest more time in your creative pursuits. With plug-and-play simplicity, even those new to acoustics can optimize their space effortlessly. What’s more, our design allows for easy uninstallation without any damage to the panels or walls, ensuring that adjustments or relocations are just as seamless as the initial setup.

4. Good for the Environment: 50% made of recycled PET bottles

Committed to environmental responsibility, Studiobricks ensures that the G-SOUND Kit is not only exceptional in performance but also eco-friendly. Smart, innovative acoustic technology made from recycled PET bottles is odorless, safe for health, and fully recyclable.

And the best is, G-SOUND kit is available in 3 sizes and 2 different colours to fit any room size and style:

S-Size (2-6 m² / 22-65 sq ft):

6x ECO45 60x60cm panels + 6x ECO45 60x30cm panels + 1xCornerBTrap 30x30x60cm bass trap. Ideal for compact studios, this size brings acoustic brilliance to a room ranging from 2 to 6 square meters / 22-65 sq ft.

M-Size (7-10 m² / 75-108 sq ft.):

12x ECO45 60x60cm panels + 12x ECO45 60x30cm panels + 2xCornerBTrap 30x30x60cm bass trap. Perfect for mid-sized spaces, this kit is suitable for rooms between 7 to 10 square meters / 75-108 sq ft. .

L-Size (10-13 m² / 108-140 sq ft):

30x ECO45 60x60cm panels + 4xCornerBTrap 30x30x60cm bass trap. Tailored for larger studios, this kit transforms spaces ranging from 10 to 13 square meters / 108-140 sq ft.

Elevate your sound with Studiobricks


G-SOUND Kit studiobricks

The G-SOUND Kit is not just a collection of acoustic panels; it’s a testament to the art of sound engineering. It invites you to redefine your creative space, offering the freedom to explore the depths of your sonic potential.

In the dynamic world of audio production, the quality of your recording space is as crucial as the equipment you use. The G-SOUND Kit from Studiobricks is designed to elevate your sonic experience, providing a versatile and immersive solution for both home-based setups and professional studios.

Are you ready to take your sound to new heights? The G-SOUND Kit is more than an accessory; it’s your gateway to sonic brilliance. Explore its possibilities, and let your creativity resonate like never before.

Thank you for considering Studiobricks – where innovation meets sound perfection.