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How to Create the Home Studio of Your Dreams: Soundproofing with Studiobricks

Cómo crear el estudio de tus sueños en casa: Insonorización con Studiobricks

In the realm of audio, creating a workspace that ensures the best sound quality is crucial. Whether it’s for music recordings, podcasts, or any other activity requiring a controlled acoustic environment, soundproofing plays a pivotal role. Studiobricks, known for its excellence in acoustic solutions, offers soundproof booths that promise to transform any space into the perfect studio. But how do you know if you need a double-wall or triple-wall booth? Join me on this journey where we’ll use the “Decibel X” app to make the most informed decision.

Instalación de Decibel X

Step 1: Installing “Decibel X”

We start by downloading “Decibel X” from the App Store or Google Play Store. This tool will be our ally in measuring environmental noise and making educated decisions about our acoustic needs.

Step 2: Exploring the App

Once installed, familiarize yourself with the interface of “Decibel X”. We’ll focus our attention on the decibel meter, a key tool for our measurements.

Step 3: Setting Up for Measurement

Before measuring, adjust the app to get accurate readings. Select A-weighting for frequency and slow response time, ideal settings for measuring sound as the human ear perceives it.

Step 4: Measuring Background Noise

Assess the background noise in the intended location for the booth. This initial measurement is crucial to establish a reference before measuring the specific noise we wish to isolate.

Step 5: Measuring Desired Noise

Reproduce the specific sounds your studio needs to block, such as musical instruments or voices, and measure the noise level using “Decibel X”.

Step 6: Comparing Levels

Compare the measured noise levels. A difference greater than 50dB suggests the need for a triple-wall booth; otherwise, a double-wall booth might suffice.

How to choose the right booth for you?

Choosing between a double-wall or triple-wall Studiobricks booth depends on the level of isolation required for your project. Accurate measurements with “Decibel X” will guide you in this decision, ensuring your workspace is optimal for the desired sound quality. Don’t forget that the StudioBricks team is available to advise you, thus ensuring your investment translates into the best possible acoustic environment.

La Escala de DecibeliosEl Espectro de FrecuenciaInsonorización con Studiobricks

Understanding Sound and Studiobricks Soundproofing

  •  The Decibel Scale:

Sound, measured in decibels (dB), ranges from the threshold of hearing (0 dB) to levels that can be harmful (above 85 dB). This logarithmic scale helps us understand the intensity of sound in our surroundings

  • The Frequency Spectrum:

From low sounds (100 Hz) to high sounds (10,000 Hz), frequency determines the pitch of sound. Understanding these frequencies is crucial for tailoring our soundproofing.

  • Soundproofing with Studiobricks: 

Thanks to the combination of high-quality materials and smart design, Studiobricks booths are unique in the market for acoustic sound isolation booths. Studiobricks booths feature a patented system called BRICK. This patented system is a combination of layers and pieces of different materials that play an important role in soundproofing the interior space, offering crucial sound control for audio and music professionals

    • Double-wall booths: Studiobricks double-wall cabins are the standard and have an average acoustic isolation of -45 dB, reaching up to -49.8 dB at 3150 Hz
    • Triple-wall booths: Studiobricks triple-wall cabins are the most advanced and achieve an average acoustic isolation of -47 dB, reaching up to -62.4 dB at 3150 Hz.

cabinas de doble y triple pared studiobricks

Crear un estudio o espacio de trabajo con la acústica adecuada studiobricks

Creating a studio or workspace with the right acoustics is more than an investment; it’s the first step towards professional quality in your audio projects. With Studiobricks and “Decibel X”, you have the tools and information necessary to make informed decisions and achieve the best acoustic environment for your creativity.