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How to start a VO business?

The digital revolution generated by the advancement of the internet has brought great benefits in the field of multimedia creation, so much so that today there are various platforms in which content is offered to users around the world and in which the function of voice-over is essential. Many people have decided to venture into this activity in a professional way. At some point it will be necessary for them to use sound isolation booths that comply with all the technical aspects required by the current market for multimedia creations.

Voice over acting, also known as VO acting, is an activity that requires technical care of sound quality.. For this reason, sound isolation booths are necessary to meet those production quality standards that the industry demands today.

Besides sound isolation booths, what else is needed to start a voice-over business? It must be very clear that the level of technicality is very important to answer this question, since audiences are used to consuming videos, podcast episodes, films, documentaries and other high-quality productions in which the sound and image are seen commensurate with current recording capabilities.

So the first thing to keep in mind when starting your voice-over business is that you are going to compete in a demanding creative sector in which you cannot skimp on providing adequate recording conditions. If you are new to this sector, you will surely find that renting professional recording studios is somewhat unprofitable and impractical, since, in addition to being expensive to rent by the hour, they may not be available when you need the space. This is essential if we take into account that VO actors frequently receive requests on an urgent basis in which they have little production time and must be agile.

That is why sound isolation booths are necessary to step up a professional voice-over business. In essence, they are professionally treated spaces to deliver quality sound, in which you can efficiently record, and the best thing, you can record without leaving your home.

There are many ways to create sound isolation booths, and beginners may resort to adapting rooms, closets or spaces in the house in which they place blankets or doors so that the sound is not altered by outside noises. These are measures that can be used to start a voice-over business, but at some point they will not be enough and you will have to get a professional sound isolation booth.

In addition to sound isolation booths or silent recording spaces, it is also necessary to have basic equipment for high quality VO production. Try to get a good microphone from the get to, if you are going considering the sound or voice production industry as a professional endeavour. A high quality mic will capture the voice as faithfully as possible and produce a professional sund. On the other hand, it is vital to have a powerful recording and editing equipment, that is, a professional recorder or a computer with sound capture and editing programs that have a good capacity to store the recordings. Finally, a strong portfolio to showcase your work is necessary to attract new clients, moreover, professional jobs that are paid a higher rate.

After you have the basic recording tools and sound isolation booths at home to start your voice-over business, you should learn to define work methods that work for you to combine household chores and professional obligations. This is relevant because sometimes the presence of children or pets in the houses can interfere with the recording of content, something that can be avoided with the use of a sound isolation booth. As is the case with those produced by Studiobricks, which have a coupling system that allows bidirectional isolation.

Studiobricks sound isolation booths adapt to the needs of each speaker and are easy to install, allowing an aesthetic harmony with the rest of the home thanks to the multiple customization possibilities that we offer. If you want to know more about these sound isolation booths, explore our catalog by visiting the music and recording section on our website.