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3 advantages of sound isolation booths

It’s no secret that the audiovisual and digital creation industry has grown exponentially due to the emergence of digital social networks and broadcast channels powered by the internet. Audiovisual professionals have seen the need to improve technical processes in order to respond to the demands of today’s users. Under this context, acoustic booths are presented as a modern solution that responds to today’s rapid demands for high-quality content and the requirements that today’s audiences demand of content creators. 

The transition from analog to digital processes popularized production methods in which acoustic booths play a decisive role. Behind are the days where you could only get high-level productions from expensive studios. The acoustic booths came to democratize the access of professional quality sound production processes. 

If you have a project on a platform such as YouTube, or have followed a content creator for years, you probably have noticed that with the passage of time and the videos, their technical quality is better, you only need to compare the first video of your channel with the most recent and you will realize it. This is because, as content generation is taken more seriously, the public and the creators need a better and cleaner format. This is even more clear with the creators of podcasts or digital animations, who found in the acoustic booths the answer to the optimization of their processes. 

Having an acoustic booth is not simply adapting a certain space in a home or office with low noise or where you can record without external interference. Acoustic booths must meet certain parameters and have technical features that optimize the quality of the sound. Believing that an optimal acoustic booth is achieved with four closed wooden walls is like believing that an ergonomic mattress is achieved by putting foam on top of a bed.

Studiobricks offers the highest range of modular sound booths on the market. The company was born more than a decade ago in order to solve a personal need of a musician. Today it develops professional booths that solve the needs of musicians, journalists, voice dubbers, announcers and even otolaryngologists. 

Here we will tell you 3 advantages that you should know about their acoustic booths: 

1. The first advantage of the acoustic booths developed by Studiobricks is that they are designed with a system of “bricks” that are assembled together without the need for additional installation tools or screws. The patented design of Studiobricks acoustic booths allows for easy assembly and disassembly which allows us to move the booth whenever it is necessary, without losing sound isolation capabilities. that makes us have our work tool mobile adapting to our movements and routines. 

2. Another important advantage that we would like to share about  Studiobricks’ professional acoustic booths is that they are manufactured with high-performance sustainable materials that provide acoustic insulation in a bidirectional way, where the sound does not enter from the outside, hindering the recording processes nor the sound comes out of the interior, ensuring privacy and comfort to the people with whom you share your home or office.  

It is important to clarify that each booth is adapted to the particular needs of those who use them and are manufactured with two or three walls depending on the level of acoustic insulation wanted.       

3. The third advantage is related to an issue that interests us all when using acoustic booths and that is the layout of the spaces. Since our patented design allows for personalized structures, we can adapt the size and height of the booth so it can fit any space that you have available without disturbing your neighbors or your family members, thanks to the bidirectional sound isolation properties of Studiobricks booths.