Freedom to be loud


Studiobricks and UK distributor Blackcat are pleased to announce their joint participation at Clerkenwell, UK’s leading office furniture design show. From May 23rd to 26th 2022, Clerkenwell Design Week showcases leading national and international brands and companies in a series of exciting events, exhibitions and special installations taking place in the area.  

Eight years ago, our two family businesses began a collaboration and partnership that has successfully grown and expanded. 

Black Cat has more than 25 years of experience in orchestral accessories and acoustic consulting. Studiobricks offers its booths as an added value to its solutions for musicians. 

Both companies share their technical knowledge of acoustics and the arts, performance, and the voiceover industry. 

Several years ago, the English distributor contacted the CEO of Studiobricks to start offering its sound isolation products for música and recording. Since the summer of 2021 they have been working together to expand the collaboration to carry the office product line. 

With history and continuity, both companies have become good partners creating a stable relationship based on trust. 

In Spain, people believe in the bad luck of the black cat, but it seems that the black cat has been seduced by the complete silence of the soundproof booths. 

This is not the only trade show where they have worked together. They have previously participated together at different trade shows in London, and Orgatec and Musik Messe in Germany. 

During the last week of May, they will participate in Clerkenwell Design Week and also in the Podcast Show, the New International Podcasting Festival.