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Truths and myths about sound booths and other soundproofing solutions

It is most likely that if you are a musician, voice actor, broadcaster or practice any profession that requires excellent sound management, at some point you have come to ask yourself: what if I have my own studio? Can I soundproof a room or create my own soundproof booth? Among other endless questions that have probably come to your mind; in this article, you will learn about the truths and myths that exist about sound isolation booths and other solutions; We will tell you everything you need to know when deciding on a sound isolation booth, so don’t miss anything and read to the end.


It is easy to soundproof my room

If something is true, it is that the soundproofing of a place, in this case, a room, will always be really attenuation; In other words, noise from the outside and inside is mitigated as much as possible, without completely isolating it. Soundproofing a room is not easy and requires a very large investment, whatever the soundproofing process; Even so, it must be taken into account that in a room the risk of sound leaking is very high, be it due to blinds, doors, windows, switches, among others.

Rehearsal rooms perfectly soundproof

Another of the great myths is to think that rehearsal rooms are perfectly soundproof. It is most likely that due to your profession you have been in one of these studios. Perhaps, you have been able to witness that even at these professionally sound-treated places the result is relative and that managing sound is not an easy task; in fact, it is most likely that these rehearsal studios have specific schedules to record or are located in less inhabited areas, generally in highrises or industrial buildings.


Portable sound booths are the best solution

Even experts who are dedicated to soundproofing rooms, recognize the advantages of sound isolation booths and even more so when it comes to portable booths. 

Although portable sound booths can isolate as much or more sound than wall treatments, at a lower cost, and with the flexibility that they can be transported, the soundproofing is not at 100%. However, the advantages are quite significant. You can record without disturbing your neighbors; and your family can continue their activities without the need for everything in the house to stop to avoid noises that affect the quality of the recording; In addition, a booth with good acoustic treatment not only reduces outside sound, but also helps to create a clean and professional sound.     

Instant transport and maintenance

The sound isolation booths were designed and created to adapt to any industrial or private environment. In the case of Studiobricks booths, our patented modular design allows for quick installation without affecting any of their functions and performance.These features are equally beneficial for recording studios that need to isolate or add more space. Sound booths allow them to add and install a booth in four to five hours without altering the work area for weeks or months to build one more room, which also results in business losses and high risk of damage to expensive recording equipment that is heavily affected by dust. 

Easy assembly and disassembly

One of the great advantages of the sound isolation booths is the ability to assemble and disassemble easily and efficiently; This allows for easy transportation from one place to another without losing the sound isolation capacities, thanks to its screwless mounting system. 

Did you already know these myths and truths? Which ones did you already know and which ones you didn’t? We hope that this information helps when using or making the decision to buy a sound isolation booth to record or practice music, make recordings, voice-over, narrate books, etc.

At Studiobricks we have a variety of sound isolation booths, to learn more about them, click here; If you have any questions, please contact us, we have professionals with the experience and knowledge to advise you in the best possible way. Don’t hesitate to contact us, we look forward to hearing from you and creating the booth of your dreams.