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Voice Over and its influence on social networks

User habits are increasingly focused on perceiving information in an immediate, understandable and manageable way. These new habits that have made us 100% audiovisual consumers. Under this reality, voice over begins to play a very important role in the creation and consumption of digital content.

Digital marketing has expanded the use of resources that enrich the commercial message, seeking both effectiveness and brevity in each tool. From the use of subtitles in videos to audio effects and inclusion of languages ​​or accents, the resources that we have access to as creators and consumers point to video marketing.

In this article, we will define what voice over is and how it begins to be considered one of the best techniques within video marketing and social networks.

What is voiceover?

Voice over is a production technique that consists of awhere a voice—that is not part of the narrative, is used in a radio, television production, filmmaking, theatre, or other presentations. We can say that the original use, or the intention of voice over is to give greater credibility and drama to an audiovisual production.

Before social media, it was often used in documentaries or TV shows that featured a person speaking about some personal experience or opinion. A few seconds after the testimony began, the volume of the witness’s voice was decreased to make way for the voice-over of a local-language announcer in the form of dubbing, but without necessarily lip synchronizing and without completely eliminating the voice of the original character.

The voice over or superimposed voice has 3 main applications:

  • As a character’s auxiliary resource
  • As an educational and descriptive auxiliary resource
  • As a business resource

Video marketing

According to a Cisco study, in 2022, it was projected that for this year 82% of Internet traffic would be directed to content in video format. Audiovisual content, in addition to being growing, is considered essential for digital marketing.

The use of applications for voice synchronization and voice projection, as a digital marketing strategy, guarantees a better understanding of any piece of content and that translates into publications with a greater reach, which is the main objective of any content creator. 

Benefits of voice over for content on social networks

We already talked about voice over and video marketing. Now we can consider the advantages offered by the first, to the second.

Let’s get started!

Improve SEO of posts

If you capture more audience and your videos are watched until the end, your Google ranking goes up of Google thanks indexation of subtitles added by hand in the videos. Just one way to achieve this is to include superimposed sound in the videos.

Not in vain, TikTok has revolutionized the way of creating and consuming content on social networks, forcing Instagram to play by its new rules. Now, we can create voice over videos on Instagram through its Reels functionality.

Greater understanding

When you give consumers not just good audio, but subtitles that accompany that audio, they understand it better. We all grasp messages or focus on content in different ways.

There are those who need to see things and others to hear them. By adding subtitles to the voice-over effect, you ensure that no matter how you understand, you get the message right.

Also, incorporating subtitles into your videos will improve your perceptoon as a responsible organization. Providing content with accessibility features to people with hearing challentes is inclusive. According to the United Nations, there are 70 million people with this type of disability.

message scope

Consequently, from the previous point, making each audiovisual piece understandable on social networks broadens the organic reach of the niche that content creators have foreseen when designing their strategies.

What does the near future hold for voice over?

Technology has given the art of voice over a huge boost in recent years. But, some experts say that it could also be the origin of its extinction. Voice synthesizer software has left its experimental stage far behind and is currently in a stage of refinement. This type of software will give the user the opportunity to choose the language, gender, style and tone of the voice with the simple press of a key.

Of course, like other areas that technology has influenced, such as writing, education or medicine, experience and human logic will always be needed. 

If you are growing your voice over career and are looking for solutions to create professional recordings, contact us and find out the scope of all our products and services.