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Acoustic & psychological aspects of a Studiobricks booth

Die akustischem und psychologischen Aspekte einer Studiobricks-Kabine

In the world of acoustics, we mainly evaluate through technical aspects, physical properties and mathematics. These aspects are crucial if you want to create the best performing portable soundproof booth on the market that provides the quiet spaces for your office environment, or the optimal sound to record your instrument or voice and that is easy to assemble and disassemble, without the risk of loosing performance.

In order to provide the best acoustic products as well as the best all-in-one-solutions, our recording booths, we did our homework thoroughly – but why is this important for your business and how does it affect you or your business partners during a meeting or briefing call? How do our products affect your actual day to day activities?


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Let’s have a look at the actual difference we can observe during your instrument practice, recording session or on a business day.

The acoustic properties of your recording booth will vary depending on the use case and phenomenon’s such as reverberation, isolation and diffusion.  The solutions to modify all of the above have been covered in our article about the variety of acoustic phenomena

When looking at everyday usage, you will probably use a sound isolation booths for one of the two main use cases: business or creative. However for both uses you will need to have acquisition or briefing calls and meetings in order to talk about your project.

Now, imagine the difference in perception you would have on a call with somebody who is on a train or in a car with changing connection or lots of background noise or even inside a closet. How would you feel about it?

It’s quite probable that after many interruptions and lots of harsh background noises, you will get stressed and these emotions could be felt or even amplified. Think about how the outcome of the call might be influenced by this circumstances. 

If you were to have the same call with someone in a silent meeting room, there are higher chances for a favorable outcome – however many meeting rooms are not properly prepared with acoustics treatment and thus have a harsh high frequent chamber reverberation. This can easily be treated with our acoustic treatment options such as absorber panels. 

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Imagine having a call with someone from a dry sounding room, neutral in sound, without background noises – this alone gives your business partner on the other side the feeling of importance and dedication.  Having the call from a Studiobricks sound isolation booth is one of the best options to do this, no matter how loud your surrounding environment is – your call will always sound perfect, with no risk of interruptions or distractions from your side.

Another important aspect to consider today is video, since many calls nowadays are video calls. A clean and professional background it’s almost a must in todays working culture, where remote working is more and more common. 

The minimalistic and aesthetic approach we take, combined with the customization options in terms of color and modularity, give you the opportunity to create the space you will feel most comfortable in. This feeling is reflected throughout your calls and meetings more than you think in more ways than one.

While being on a call or a recording session, your own comfort will influence the way how you perform, sell, presnet, speak, sing or play your instrument. Your confidence level is strongly influenced by the way you feel in the moment and having the possibility to create the space you want gives you the opportunity to maximize your potential. 

On the other hand, your counterpart looking at you or also even just hearing you, will see the space and feel your professionalism and  hear a dry, uninterrupted, clean sound from a person that is projecting confidence. 

This call, meeting or recording will most certainly have a different outcome than having it from your car, train, home studio, living room, couch or open plan office environment.


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When recording your instrument at home and being creative, this aspect also strongly matters as the better you feel and the more comfort you have, the better will be your performance. Having a comfortable professional recording studio booth will increase the quality of your outcome by far, as you don’t need to worry about any neighbors hearing your saxophone or your singing, while at the same time having a better optic, a better sound to record in and simply a better working environment. 

As you can see, the acoustic aspects go far deeper than just physics and have a big influence from the psychological point of viewl. Let us know what is your use case for your Studiobricks and we will optimize your workspace so you can feel and perform at your best– whether it’s a modular recording cabin, a business isolation booth or if you want to optimize the sound of your already existing premises such as office meeting rooms, studio rooms or even your home cinema.

Give us a call and we are glad to help you achieve the confidence that your level of professionalism requires.