Freedom to be loud

Office booths for disconnecting and discovering the importance of silence at work!

¡Desconéctate con las cabinas de oficina y descubre la importancia del silencio en el trabajo!

Since the confinement that we lived during the pandemic, many things have changed, amongst them, noise tolerance. Although sometimes in our homes we couldn’t find a silent place,many of us made the necessary adaptations to crearte the quiet spaces we needed to work and we enjoyed every minute, and every second of the peace this spaces provided.

However, now that we are going back to offices the need for quiet spaces to work, especially in open plan spaces has arisen again. Now more than ever we are more aware of the typical office noises such as colleagues on phone calls, water cooler conversations, printers, phones ringing, constructions, among others.

Loud noises and acoustic challenges at offices affect the performance of workers and increases  stress and anxiety. Deminishing as well the levels of concentration dedicated to the tasks and projects that we are working on, and making team work challenging. .

At Studiobricks we believe that silence is key to work performance, for this reason, on this article we will tell you how silence influences productivity and why sound isolation booths are becoming increasingly more popular at open space offices:

Silence: what we needed to increase productivity

Noise pollution is one of the biggest distractions at work, but at the same time it’s what deteriorates workers the most mentally. When team members have access to spaces where they can relax and fully focus on a task productivity increases. It’s not hard since is as simple as that. The ripple effects include higher worker satisfaction as team members optimize their time, avoid mistakes, which also facilitates relationships with other members of the organization.

Quiet spaces prevent physical as well as mental exhaustion, reduce the possibility of having migraines (by not being exposed to the stress of noise), improve memory, strengthen intention and action, help you improve and make you feel more comfortable.

Is silence important in my company?

The performance of a company is correlated to the satisfaction that employees have with the organization, that is, if they feel dissatisfied, the work will not be the best. For this reason, it is necessary to look for tools that can help improve the work environment and employee satisfaction.

Having spaces that are comfortable, where people can rest or enjoy the silence, will help them improve in all work areas but will also help them in their physical and mental well-being, which will totally benefit the company. If you want to transform the work environment of your company, the best thing you can do is provide spaces where your employees can work without noise distractions.

Studiobricks boths: the best option to enjoy the silence

Now that we understand that silence helps  improve performance, where can we find spaces that give us the tranquility of silence? One of the best options for companies that want to transform the work environment of their employees is office design that includes sound isolation booths,

At Studiobricks we design and create the highest perfomring sound isolation booths, we are the only company that offers an 45dB of noise reduction in the market. Our booths are characterized by being portable, so they give you the freedom you need to install them anywhere in the company and thus be able to renew workspaces.

The best thing about our boohts is their acoustic treatment, since they not only isolate sound, but also eliminate noise and distraction, allowing your work team to perform better, concentrate and flow. In addition, they have unparalleled performance and customization capabilities.

Our booths provide  ideal spaces for silent phone calls, videoconferences, short work sessions, breaks, team working sessions, etc. We provide safe spaces for true confidentiality and privacy.

Now that you know all the benefits of silence, how it affects employee health and performance, you may consider analyzing your office design to offer more spaces where employees can work in silence.

Have a look at the multiple designs and customizations we offer and contact us if you have any questions. We would be happy to design a great office space for your team.