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What are the best sound isolation booths for a recording studio?

In the music industry, good sound registration is a mandatory condition that will optimize the recording results and, therefore, increase the quality of the final product. In this sense, recording studios play a fundamental role that will help artists to improve the level of their productions by making them sound more professional. These quality conditions can be achieved thanks to the use of sound isolation booths that are a novel and versatile option for studio recordings. 

The world has changed over the years, so much so that to find optimal facilities where to make music it is no longer necessary to go to large and renowned recording studios, now artists can develop their art even from their homes. Studiobricks sound isolation booths are undoubtedly the best option that musicians can find to carry out their projects.

Studiobricks sound isolation booths were created precisely to solve the need of a musician who needed to find ideal spaces with good acoustics and no noise to play his saxophone without disturbing his neighbors in a central neighborhood of Barcelona, ​​Spain. Since then, sound isolation booths have become the best possible habitat for artists.

Perhaps the one of the main features of the soundproof booths is that they can be installed anywhere, regardless of location; from a home, to an office and even in cultural centers where music classes are taught. 

Studiobricks sound isolation booths provide ideal acoustic conditions thanks to their innovative modular mounting system based on tabs and grooves that fit together perfectly, preventing external noise from entering the interior and interfering with recording, while preventing the sound of the booth to leek to the outside and creating discomfort.

These versatile sound isolation booths come in different sizes and portable designs that respond to different space needs. There are 3 types of standard designs and you can also make custom booths of various sizes and configurations that offer producers, musicians, voice over actors and other sound production professionals, spaces designed to be used by one person, and even by an ensemble or orchestra. 

Another of the great advantages that Studiobricks sound isolation booths have is that the measurements of the portable recording studio can be customized based on the dimensions of your space and your particular needs. Thus, each person can determine aspects such as the height or width of each cabin. Something that is very useful when looking to optimize the use of little-used places in our homes or offices by placing your personalized recording studio there. In addition, the materials with which Studiobricks sound isolation booths are manufactured are sustainable, have a high durability and can come in over 200 colors. 

It should be mentioned that musicians are not the only artists who can benefit from the use of sound isolation booths. Voice Over actors, radio journalists or content creators for digital video platforms or podcasts can also take advantage of the  acoustic benefits of Studiobricks booths. 

The current production dynamics in which immediacy prevails make artists and content creators prefer to have portable recording studios in their homes or offices, such as sound isolation booths, in which they can create their productions with professional conditions. 

Many people choose to build handcrafted acoustic booths in their homes with wooden plates and other materials readily available in any hardware store. However building a booth requires more than creating an enclosure, there are a lot of acoustic details that need to be considered to create a professional recording environment. Studiobricks has been working for more than 15 years to perfect the technology that isolates and controls sound in a bidirectional way. In this process of constantly offering even better booths, the design of double and even triple-wall booths stands out, helping to completely eliminate low frequencies and the boxy sound that can be typical of sound booths.

If you are a sound professional looking to improve the quality of your recordings and productions, go to and learn more about the sound isolation booths that will help you take the necessary leap in your career.