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5 Tips to start in the world voice over and dubbing

5 Tips to start in the world voice over and dubbing

Voice dubbing or “voice over” is an industry that attracts a large number of people, not only because of the exciting opportunities it offers, but also because of the current and long-term job possibilities within this activity. Among the tasks that a dubbing actor performs, are giving voice to animations and video game characters, doing voiceovers for movie trailers and commercials, doing narrative or character voices in film and television, making narrations for audiobooks and videos of corporate trainings, among many others.

The rise in the production of conent has increase the demand for dubbing talent. In fact, according to statistics revealed by the publication Digital Agency Network, dubbing work grew 13% between 2020 and 2021, and is expected to continue growing in the coming years at a year-on-year rate of 15%. In addition, the same publication points out that activities such as audiobooks, for example, could generate around 19.4 billion dollars in revenue by 2027, after generating 1.3 billion dollars in 2020.

Therefore, if you consider that you have acting skills and a voice capable of entertaining, narrating or promoting products, then dubbing can be an interesting opportunity to dedicate yourself to a fun, enriching, well-paid activity with great job opportunities. If you are consideringf this career path, this article can be of great help. We will indicate some tips that can help you move more safely towards the goal of becoming a voice over professional.

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Tips to make your way into Voice acting 

If you want to increase the chances of starting a successful career in the world of dubbing and voice over, then these are some suggestions that you should pay attention to:

Never stop listening to the professionals

As in any other activity, it’s best to start by looking at what the professionals do. You can start by watching cartoons, television commercials or video games to study the voice acting work of your favorite professional. You can take note of how they build their speech, or how their tone and inflections vary in each part of the audio.

Another way to learn is by listening to a voice acting podcast, since they have the best tips from professionals in the field. Above all, you should pay attention to how these voice acting experts approach the roles they take on.

Take acting classes and voice lessons 

Voice acting isn’t just about reading words from a script or a page, it’s more about acting with your voice. That’s why it is important to train your voice so it’s clear, versatile and has good resonance. You can do this by taking drama lessons or acting in plays, as well as with the help of a private acting coach. All of these options will help you refine your skills, and have greater clarity and confidence in your work as a voice over or dubbing actor.

You can also take voice lessons, where you will learn to do different types of voices and you can put your creativity into practice. This will give you a technical component, because you will learn more about the anatomy of your voice, identifying your range, tone, control and where your resonance is.

Practice Every Day

Just as athletes train daily to improve their sports skills, if you plan to make a living from your voice, you need to make sure you train and practice regularly, even when you’re not in a professional recording studio. That means going beyond just reading a script out loud. It’s also about recording your voice, listening to yourself and evaluating your performance. That way, you can perfect both your voice dubbing skills and your technical skills.

Professionals voice over actors strivs to develop their own recording studios at home, for example by setting up soundproof booths. That way, they can get better sound quality when recording their auditions practicing and producing their work.

Always remember that practice will help you progressively develop an increasingly develop a professional voice, which will undoubtedly help you attract the attention of the public and also the casting directors.

Record a demo sequence

To get jobs in the voice over industry, the first thing you should do is record a demo sequence. This is nothing more than the compilation of different voices and tones, which will be used by casting directors to determine the quality of your talent and the range of voice you have.

This type of material can also be useful in finding an agent to represent you and help you find voice over jobs. That is why it is important that you do this demo sequence in suitable conditions, such as those offered by a studio or a recording booth, in addition to using a good microphone and editing software.

Audition Consistently

In addition to practicing consistently, it’s important that you regularly audition for jobs. At first, that means you should focus on finding opportunities to audition and showcase your talent. You can do this through agencies, who are in charge of looking for opportunities for you, or also through job boards or websites, such as, Upwork, ACX,, among others.

In many of these sites you can find job opportunities that are published by companies that need voice professionals. However, you must be aware that this is a very competitive market, where you must make an effort to be given an opportunity, this is why it’s important that you are consistent and persevering in your search for your first jobs. You can set a goal of auditions that you can participate in, either daily or weekly.

With these tips, we hope you can feel more confident when taking your first steps in the world of dubbing or voice over. And if you want to find out about many other aspects related to this profession, don’t hesitate to visit the rest of the content published in our blog, or visit us at and find out about the latest technology for studios and sound booths.

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