Freedom to be loud

I want to start my own recording studio! What should I do?

In today’s world, where we don’t know what we will encounter in the future, a new spike of the pandemic, lockdowns, economic downturn, it becomes increasingly attractive and profitable to have your own equipment to make your own productions, instead of depending on external providers who may not be available when we need them. Under these reality, today it is essential to start your own recording studio at home or in a commercial space.

Computer or laptop

One of the fundamental elements that you should acquire is a good desktop computer or a laptop. You can get it from your brand of choice. However, the most important thing is that it has a large RAM memory and that the processor is fast and powerful, since everything you produce will be stored there. Then it’s up to you to choose the accessories that will facilitate your workflow and help you create high quality productions. 


Another essential piece of equipment for your recording studio is a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), this is a specialized piece or software for recording, editing and mixing audio. This software is key for professional sound productions. There are different prices depending on your budget. Some of the most popular DAWs are: Ableton, Audacity, Pro Tools, Studio One, Audition, Cubase, amongst many others. The most important thing when choosing a DAW is that you feel comfortable and are able to use it. Like anything new, it may take some time to learn and you may need to watch several tutorials, but with some time and dedication you will get familiar with it and deepen your ability to use it as you progress. 

Audio Interface or Sound Card

To achieve high quality productions, it is equally important to invest in the hardware that connects your computer with the rest of your production equipment, such as microphones or instruments, sound card or audio interface. . This piece will help you manage the inputs and outputs of your computer, to convert analog signals to digital and vice versa and to process the sound, which will be transformed into a signal that will be recorded on your computer through the DAW. You will find cheaper or more expensive audio interfaces, however, it is important that it has at least two channels.

Headphones and Studio Monitors

Your recording studio should have two pairs of headphones, one for recording and one for editing, and you should also have good monitors, since you need to hear the sound you record clearly. With these pieces of quipment you will carry out sound monitoring, you will be able to mix and master with greater precision, in addition, the person who is recording will be able to listen and concentrate better. For the monitors, try to take into account the space where you are going to place them.


A fundamental element in your recording studio is a good quality microphone with which you can record the voice or the sounds of the instruments without losing quality. This is probably one of the most important pieces of equipment for your recording studio and we would highly recommend you taking the time to research the option that better matches your needs. Good quality microphones tend to have a higher price tag, but this is one of the pieces that you should consider a long term investment on your business. 

If you want to improve the quality of your microphone, you can also choose to buy accessories that put a barrier between the instrument or the person and the microphone, in order to produce a cleaner sound. 

Recording booth or acoustic treatment

Finally, it is important to prepare the place where you will establish your recording studio. Initially, you can start with a room in your home or office for your recording studio. You can cover it with acoustic panels, which will decrease resonance and improve the acoustics of your studio.

If you are considering this studio as a business, we recommend you invest in a soundproof booth, since these will make your recordings much more professional and you will avoid noise conflicts when recording due to some loud sound that can be filtered in the audio. The best option for your home recording studio is a portable booth, since you can locate and relocate it whenever life requires, if you have a larger space in a house or commercial space that you own, you can consider fixed solutions, but before investing into permanent solutions remember that majority of the money that you allocate to treat the space will stay there in case you decide to move or sell the property. 

You can get your acoustic booth at Studiobricks, our brand specializes in the design, production and distribution of sound isolation booths that not only  improve the performance and quality of your productions, but are also made out of recycled materials. Learn more about our Eco Studiobricks line here