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Elevating Podcasting at Podcast Days Madrid

Logo de Studiobricks, sponsor oficial de Podcast Days Madrid

At Studiobricks, we’re thrilled to announce that we are the Official Sponsor of Podcast Days in Madrid, an innovative event bringing together podcasting leaders from across Spain. Our passion for high-quality audio and commitment to sustainability perfectly align with the spirit of this exciting event.

Podcast Days is one of a kind event where people can share their podcasting knowledge and experiences. At this event, the newest trends will be talked about, which will make it easier for podcasters, companies, and listeners to work together. As leaders in sound isolation booths, we’re delighted to be part of this conversation.


Commitment to high-quality audio

At Studiobricks, our commitment to high-quality audio is reflected in each of our sound-isolated booths. We understand that clear audio is paramount in the world of podcasting and professional recording. An acoustically treated and sound-isolated space allows you to create content and hold interviews free of distractions, effectively engaging your audience. This is why we designed our Podcast booths series: two different-sized booths for content professionals.

We offer exceptional solutions for collaborative content generation in two formats: The PODCAST DUO is perfect for distraction-free, quality interviews, ideal for production companies and brands. The PODCAST ROUND is your choice for dynamic discussions with up to 4 people, perfect for production companies and even radio stations. Our booth provides a peaceful, noise-isolated environment, allowing you to record flawless content with your favorite microphones. The audio quality of our booths is unbeatable, making Studiobricks a standout choice in podcasting and professional recording.

Cabina insonorizada PODCAST DUO de Studiobricks en exhibición

Flexibility for the world of podcast

One of the standout features of Studiobricks booths, including the PODCAST series, is their flexibility. We understand that podcasting covers a wide range of topics and approaches, often involving numerous guests. This is why Studiobricks offers custom solutions and can even build a booth as large as 50 m2. Whether you regularly record specific types of content or need a recording space for a live event, our booths can be configured according to your needs.

But flexibility doesn’t end there. All Studiobricks booths are portable and easy to assemble and disassemble thanks to the magic of the BRICK, our patented system. This means that the PODCAST series booths can go wherever your podcast takes you. They’re highly useful for companies recording brand content and conducting valuable interviews during events and trade shows. Whether you’re recording in a professional studio or need a temporary recording space for a live event, our booths can be set up and taken down multiple times.


Commitment to sustainability

At Studiobricks, we believe that sustainability and quality can coexist. Our booths are designed with eco-friendly, durable, and sustainable materials. In a world that values sustainability, we’re proud to lead the way in the podcasting industry.

Our range of sound-absorbing panels is an example of our commitment to sustainability as they are made from recycled PET, offering excellent acoustic performance while contributing to reducing plastic waste and promoting the circular economy. In 2021, we received the ECOVADIS 2021 Bronze certification, recognizing our commitment to sustainability in all our operations.


The importance of podcasting in business

Podcasts are more relevant than ever, extending to the corporate world and brands. Having a corporate podcast has become a powerful tool for brand building, connecting with global audiences, and creating original, valuable content. Here are a few reasons why brand podcasting is important:

  • Connecting with your audience: Podcasts offer an intimate connection with your target audience and community. You can share your brand’s stories, knowledge, and values in a way that goes beyond traditional advertising.
  • Demonstrating expertise: Podcasts allow you to showcase your expertise in your industry. You can share valuable information and gain authority in your field.
  • Creating valuable content: Podcasts provide a platform to create valuable content for your audience. You can address relevant topics and provide useful information, becoming your target audience’s preference and improving your potential and/or customer loyalty.
  • Brand accessibility: Podcasts are accessible worldwide, allowing you to reach a global audience and expand your brand’s presence beyond borders.
  • Fostering engagement: Podcast listeners are highly engaged. They can spend a significant amount of time consuming your content, providing you with a significant opportunity to connect with your audience meaningfully and compete better in the market.


Join Us at Podcast Days on October 26 and 27

We invite you to join us at Podcast Days at COAM, Madrid. As the Official Sponsor of the event, we will be present to showcase our sound isolation solutions and offer you a podcasting session inside our PODCAST DUO booth, fully available to the public. Our booth will be available throughout the 2-day event, by appointment.

Whether you’re a podcaster, a recording professional, or simply passionate about high-quality audio and sustainability, we’re confident you’ll find inspiration at Podcast Days. This event is an opportunity to learn, connect, and collaborate with other industry leaders.

We invite you to discover the latest podcasting trends along with our new sound isolated PODCAST DUO booth, which will be available to event attendees. We’ll see you at our booth at Podcast Days. See you there!