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Audioteka’s cutting-edge studio: setting new standards in audiobook production

Bartosz Sroczynski de Audioteka en el estudio vanguardista

In the bustling world of audiobooks, Audioteka, Poland’s audiobook pioneer, has set a new standard. Their recent investment in a cutting-edge recording studio marks a significant step towards dominating the local industry. Collaborating with Studiobricks, Audioteka is redefining the audiobook landscape with a commitment to impeccable sound quality and production excellence. 


Maximizing the available space for recording

Audioteka faced the challenge of fitting three recording studios into limited space. Studiobricks’ patented modular system proved to be the key. This ingenious system allowed for a perfect fit in compact spaces, addressing the unique challenges each room presented. The result: three independent, well-ventilated studios custom-built by Studiobricks, a testament to their adaptability and commitment to providing solutions tailored to their client’s needs.


A flexible solution primed for business growth

In the dynamic world of audio production, change is constant. Studiobricks’ modular system isn’t just about fitting into tight spaces; it’s a flexible solution for business growth. Here’s where Studiobricks’ patented modular system steps up, offering Audioteka not just a studio but a dynamic asset poised for future growth. Need to relocate? No problem. Studiobricks’ modular design allows easy assembling and disassembling, making studio relocation a breeze. As Audioteka expands, the studio can evolve too, proving that with Studiobricks, you’re not just investing in today but crafting a quality asset that grows with your business tomorrow. It’s more than a studio; it’s a forward-looking partnership in sound.


High-quality sound production for long-lasting contracts

In the competitive realm of audio production, every tone matters. That’s why Audioteka prioritizes sound isolation and acoustic performance. Beyond mere booths, these ensure high-quality audio with fewer retakes and smoother post-production. This meticulous attention to sonic detail not only elevates productivity but positions Audioteka as a professional partner, strengthening client relationships and fostering lasting contracts. With Studiobricks, it’s not just about recording; it’s about crafting an auditory experience that resonates with excellence.


Bartosz Sroczynski, Head of Audioteka Recording Studio, shares candid insights in our interview, shedding light on market dynamics and the crucial role played by Studiobricks in this sonic journey.

Vista interna del estudio de grabación avanzado de Audioteka

1. Tell us a little bit about Audioteka and how you decided to start in this business?


Audioteka is a leading audiobook company founded in Poland and operating across Europe. Born out of a passion for literature and a desire to allow people to experience books innovatively, Audioteka set itself apart in the market. Our decision to venture into the field of recording studios was a natural progression in our business development. This move allowed us to maintain control over the entire production process, guaranteeing high-quality results from start to finish. Today, our studios, equipped with the finest audio recording technologies, are a testimony to our commitment to delivering the best audio experience to our customers.


2. What challenges did you face before getting your Studiobricks?

Before we purchased our Studiobricks booths, we faced several challenges, such as inadequate sound dampening and the difficulty of maintaining uniform acoustics across different recording sessions. These inconsistent acoustics sometimes resulted in a quality compromise. In addition, the need for deploying sound-absorbing solutions demanded a considerable spatial commitment, limiting our ability to optimize our workspace efficiently.


3. Where did you start your search for a compact solution for recording? 

Our search for a compact recording solution began online. We thoroughly researched various options available on the market and sought recommendations from industry peers. It was through one such recommendation from a fellow translation company that we discovered Studiobricks. Intrigued by their promising reviews, we decided to see what they had to offer.


4. What made Studiobricks stand out from other options?


Studiobricks distinguishes itself from its competitors with its exceptional build quality, effective noise isolation, and flexible configuration that allows customization to meet specific needs. Moreover, their booths are designed to be easily assembled and disassembled, giving us the flexibility to adjust our workspace as per our evolving business needs. This adaptability was a critical factor that led us to choose Studiobricks.


5. How do Studiobricks booths facilitate your job in the audiobook industry?

Numerous features of the Studiobricks booths prove particularly beneficial for recording audiobooks. The superior noise isolation, for example, enables us to record narrations without any external disturbances, resulting in pure, uninterrupted audio output. Additionally, the booths come equipped with a well-engineered ventilation system, which ensures a comfortable environment during long recording sessions. With these features, we can concentrate on creating top-quality audiobooks without being bothered by technical complications.


6. How would you describe the acoustic performance of the Studiobricks booth? 


The acoustic performance of the Studiobricks booths is indeed impressive. After incorporating these booths into our recording process, we have seen a significant increase in our productivity. The clarity and consistency of our recordings have improved significantly, resulting in a richer audio experience for our listeners. It is clear that the booths have had a positive impact on our overall recording efficiency.


7. How would you describe the level of productivity in your office thanks to your Studiobricks booths?

The Studiobricks booths’ sound isolation feature has dramatically enhanced the productivity levels in our workspace. Our team can now work more efficiently without the distraction of outside noise. This feature enables simultaneous recording, editing, and meeting sessions without causing disturbance to others. This synergy has improved our workflow and overall efficiency.


8. How was the sales process of the booths?

The entire process of acquiring the Studiobricks booths was smooth and professional. Communication with the Studiobricks team was straightforward and prompt, and the installation process was swift and hassle-free. Furthermore, their technical support has been commendable, always ready to assist and provide advice, making the entire experience highly satisfactory. 


9. What would you tell someone who’s considering buying a sound isolation booth? 


For anyone contemplating investing in a sound isolation booth, I would unequivocally recommend Studiobricks. Their products are a unique blend of quality, performance, and unparalleled customer support. Whether you operate a small home studio or a large-scale recording enterprise, Studiobricks can provide you with the tools you need to improve the quality of your work.


10. What are your clients saying about Audioteka since using the Studiobricks booth?

Since we began using the Studiobricks booths, we have received abundant positive feedback from our listeners and clients regarding the improved audio quality of our recordings. This feedback reaffirms our belief that the investment in Studiobricks has indeed paid off, and we continue to reap its benefits.


11. Is there any exciting upcoming project you want to share?

We are presently working on an exciting project involving a series of radio dramas based on popular Polish novels. We aim to bring these stories alive through our high-quality audio productions and can’t wait to share them with our audience in the coming months. We anticipate our listeners will appreciate these new additions to our repertoire.

Sistema modular patentado de Studiobricks en Audioteka


Audioteka’s investment in Studiobricks’ solutions exemplifies their dedication to revolutionizing audiobook production. By prioritizing sound quality, adaptability, and scalability, Audioteka has not only positioned itself as a local industry leader but also secured a foundation for future growth.