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Why is privacy at work so important?

Why is privacy at work so important?

Nowadays, taking care of the health of workers has become one of the main priorities for most companies. According to the firm Statista, in 2020 in the US alone, companies spent approximately $13,728 per year per employee on health plans. And, according to official figures, this spending is expected to continue to increase at an average rate of 5.4% per year up to 2028.

These indicators show the interest that many companies have in taking more and more care of their employees. And that commitment goes even a little further, since companies are also spending on wellness programs for their employees and improving their work environments, all of this in order to make them feel better in their jobs and raise their productivity.

According to a Gartner study, when employees are satisfied with their work environment, 16% of them are more productive, while 18% will prefer to stay with the company. That is why companies such as Adobe, RingCentral, Hubspot, Peloton and Microsoft (according to the Comparably ranking), give so much importance to aspects such as the conditions of the work environment, where privacy is usually an element valued by workers.

Do you want to understand why factors such as noise control, ventilation or lighting are usually considered by employees as part of a good work environment? Then keep reading!

What is a healthy work environment?

According to the definition of the World Health Organization, it is a workplace where workers and managers collaborate to continuously improve the health, safety and well-being of all employees, in order to maintain the productivity of the company. But today, it also means creating a work environment that is attractive to employees and ensures that they return to the office and not leave with the competition.

After the pandemic lockdown, many workers are more interested in going back to the office, especially if they are guaranteed an attractive work environment. Although they could obtain benefits from remote working, such as saving on travel costs, schedule flexibility and enjoyment with the family, it also had its drawbacks, such as child care, connection problems and multiple e distractions.

However, the return to face-to-face work is not only due to the ease of collaborating and socializing that this environment offers, but rather because of the privacy that they cannot obtain through working from home. Therefore, this is an opportunity that companies can take advantage of, especially if they know how to create more attractive workspaces.

Why is privacy important in workspaces?

To ensure privacy in the workplace, companies must consider several factors, such as the functions of the worker, her preferences, state of mind and even the culture of the organization. But privacy must also be aimed at reducing distractions or protecting information. 

It is not an easy task for companies to provide private spaces for all their team members, however, it’s one of the demands made by workers to contemplate the option of returning to the offices. And this is demonstrated, for example, by a survey carried out by Steelcase and IPSOS, which indicates that 95% of the workers consulted consider privacy essential at the workspace. The same study also reveals that only 41 % of these employees do not yet have these working conditions.

From this point of view, the challenge for organizations is to be able to generate a work experience that, considering privacy, can be superior to that of home. For what purpose? Well, guaranteeing the productivity, commitment and retention of employees. In fact, according to “The New Era of Hybrid Work” report, people who feel satisfied with work at the office are 33% more engaged, 30% more connected to the culture of the organization and 20% less likely to leave the company.

Customized booth: a solution for attractive work environments?

Although there are many ways to guarantee privacy in workspaces, depending on whether they should be shared, partially open or closed, one of the options that exist on the market today is private office booths. These enclosed spaces have the advantage of ensuring noise control, guaranteeing adequate lighting and ventilation, as well as facilitating the customization of both their dimensions and their internal conditioning, so that workers can carry out their work without interruption.

Currently, customizable soundproof booths have positioned themselves as one of the best solutions to offer privacy, within an attractive work environment for workers. These solutions range from specialized phone booths to isolate noise and create an ideal environment when making calls or concentrating on certain tasks, to other customizable options for offices, meeting rooms, recording studios, among other applications.

Precisely with this type of user in mind, Studiobricks has used its own technology to develop specialized and customizable solutions that meet the requirements of companies in various sectors. In this case, we are referring to private booths for offices, with predesigned and customizable options that isolate the noise typical of the offices environments, and can considerably affect the performance and concentration of workers.

The isolation provided by this type of booths prevents distraction by any type of noise that may be in the environment, such as phone calls, noise and interruptions from other people, which are usually factors that cause an average of 86 minutes of work to be lost daily in office environments (Steelcase and IPSOS).

Studiobricks’ booths are manufactured with the a variety of customization options so the organization can design their booths always putting the needs of their team first, optimize the space and fullfil all their requirements. Likewise, they are made with recycled materials, which can be easily assembled and disassembled, and transporte to any other place, without losing their soundproofing capacity.

Without a doubt, this is an excellent option for all companies or industries that deal with work environments are exposed to loud and continuous noise. Contact us and we will gladly advise you on the best solution for your business.