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Discover the latest news from Studiobricks at ISE 2024

últimas novedades de Studiobricks en ISE 2024

The wait is over! At Studiobricks, we are ready to unveil all the latest innovations at the ISE Fair in Barcelona. This year, we’re back with a booth in Hall 7. The event marks the launch of two exciting additions to our product range, designed to take your recording experience to the next level.

PODCAST ROUND Booth: the first compact soundproof booth for podcast recording, perfect for discussions with up to 4 people

PODCAST ROUND Booth Studiobricks

The PODCAST ROUND Booth is one of the two Podcast Edition booths we launched last year. The first is the DUO, fully equipped for recording with two people. The PODCAST ROUND is more than double the size of the DUO, with a capacity for 4 people and professional audio equipment and acoustics for recording. This booth is designed for both radio stations and production companies, as well as businesses requiring a professional recording environment for their corporate podcasts. It is ideal for debate podcasts, offering a soundproof space with a cozy and distraction-free atmosphere for in-depth conversations.

Experience total immersion in your content with the Studiobricks PODCAST ROUND.

G-SOUND Absorbent Kit: turn a room into a professional recording studio

G-SOUND KIT studiobricks

he G-SOUND KIT is a meticulously crafted selection of high-quality absorbents, precisely designed for professionals in both home and studio environments. We understand that every creator has unique needs. With the G-SOUND Absorbent Kit, we give you the power to customize your acoustic space according to your requirements, available in three different sizes. Forget about reverberation and enhance the sound quality of your recording environment. This kit is the answer to the growing demand for flexible and adaptable acoustic solutions.

Elevate your sound experience with these top-notch acoustic absorption panels designed to enhance your voice and music.

Visit us at ISE Barcelona 2024 (January 30 – February 2), Hall 7, Booth 7C820

Immerse yourself in the Studiobricks experience and discover how our innovations can transform your recording process. Visit us in Hall 7, where all audio professionals and companies gather. At our booth, you’ll discover how our innovations can take your recording experience to the next level. In addition to showcasing our expertise, we want to share with you the story behind Studiobricks and our commitment to acoustic excellence. From our beginnings to becoming global leaders, each product we create is the result of years of passion and dedication.

Our team will be available to answer your questions, provide live demonstrations, and discuss how our solutions can meet your specific needs.

We look forward to seeing you!