Exclusive STUDIOBRICKS wework Phone Booth at the wework Barcelona Glories building. (2018)


Presentation of the STUDIOBRICKS Phone Booths for wework at the Design Junction in NY

We are having a strong relationship for three years now with the wework team. Together we created this unique design initially having the German phone booth of the 80ies as objective. These booths are being installed in the US and all over Europe in wework buildings. (2018)


Trade fair cabin (KAWAI Europe)

KAWAI Europe uses the Studiobricks system at the Musikmesse 2018 in Frankfurt for the third time and builds the cabins up and down and transports them to the fair back and forth. Another cabin is installed at their KAWAI Headquarters in Japan.


Trade fair cabin (Fraunhofer)

The Fraunhofer Institute has been using the Studiobricks system at trade fairs for already many years e.g GSMA World Congress Barcelona, ISE Amsterdam and NAB Show Las Vegas.


Audio/video production cabins (KiteTeam)

The KiteTeam, an international localization company with offices in Madrid, Mexico City and Rio de Janeiro, uses solely Studiobricks cabins.


Music studio cabin – Studiobricks

Studiobricks cabins as a room-in-room solution for a Berlin-based music producer.

(Photos by Elmar Schwarze “Studio 34 Berlin“)


Depeche Mode Studio NY

Engineer Kurt Uenala and Dave Gahan, lead singer of Depeche Mode, chose Studiobricks for their studio in New York where they worked on the latest Depeche Mode album.

(Photo by Marc DeGeorge)


Music School (ASSAI)

The ASSAI Music School uses solely Studiobricks cabins. Studiobricks architects planned the entire school and handed it over ready for immediate use.


AudioCare Swiss – Studiobricks

AUDIOCARE is the Swiss leader in the manufacture and production of software in the field of audiological equipment.

Studiobricks solution cabin including a ramp for wheelchair users.


Recording Studios Paris

The AB Groupe Paris, a leading independent editor of special interest channels in France with 15 themed channels, uses Studiobricks cabins.


Audiometry cabins

Soundproofed cabins for use in the field of audiometry.


Music schools

An extract from our music school projects:

  • School of Rock Basel – Switzerland

  • Assai Music School – Logroño – Spain

  • DdS Estudio de Guitarra – Barcelona – Spain

  • Michael Thoma Music School– Russikon – Switzerland

  • 4Klang Music School – Frankfurt – Germany

  • Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center – Fort Myers – USA

Universities & Institutes

An extract from our university and institute projects:

  • Karolinska University – Stockholm – Sweden

  • Vienna University – Austria

  • Fraunhofer Institute – Erlangen – Germany

  • Fraunhofer Institute – Los Angeles – USA

  • UNI Antwerp – Antwerp – Belgium

  • European Patent Office – Munich – Germany

  • Dalberg – Geneva – Switzerland

  • Caritasverband Frankfurt e. V. – Frankfurt – Germany

Speaker cabins

An extract from our speaker cabin projects:

  • Disney Land – Paris – France

  • Björn Gödde – Cologne – Germany

  • OPEC – Vienna – Austria

  • Penguin Random House – L.A. & N.Y. – USA

  • Transperfect – Barcelona – Spain

  • Inläsningstjänst AB – Stockholm – Sweden

  • TMP Media Group AB – Stockholm – Sweden

  • Oliver Schmitz – Bad Homburg – Germany

  • Urbano Carvelli – Cologne – Germany

  • KiteTeam Studio – Madrid – Spain


An extract from our post-production projects in film, television and music production:

  • JLA / AB Production – Paris – France

  • Pink Noise – Madrid – Spain

  • TV Bastards – Belgium

  • David Schweizer – London – UK

  • BTI – London – UK

  • BTI – Brussels – Belgium

Musician’s cabins

An extract from our musician’s cabins projects:

  • Dave Gahan – NY – USA

  • Macklemore – Seattle – USA

  • Markus Nowak – Berlin – Germany

  • Wim van Hasselt – Zürich – Switzerland

  • Stephan Felber – Zunzgen – Switzerland

  • El Zurdo Erre – Madrid – Spain

  • Ronan Harris Anachronsounds – Hamburg – Germany

  • Roger Lima – Los Angeles – USA

  • Toni Mateo – Barcelona – Spain

Audiometry and hearing test cabins

An extract from our audiometry and hearing test cabin projects:

  • Audition Future – Paris – France

  • Spital Olten – Olten – Switzerland

  • Praxis Dr. Noster – Hamburg – Germany