Which variants of the STUDIOBRICKS acoustic booths are available?

Studiobricks are available in the following variants:

  • STUDIOBRICKS One: Compact speaker booth with double-wall construction, an interior size of 2.95 x 3.94 ft or 2.95 x 4.92 ft (0.90 x 1.20 or 0.90 x 1.50 m) and a soundproofing performance of 46 dB in accordance with ISO 717-1.

  • STUDIOBRICKS Standard: Double-walled acoustic booth for high soundproofing requirements from a size of 3.94 x 3.94 ft (1.20 x 1.20 m) and with a soundproofing performance of 46 dB in accordance with ISO 717-1.

  • STUDIOBRICKS Pro: Triple-walled acoustic booth for very high soundproofing requirements from a size of 3.94 x 3.94 ft (1.20 x 1.20 m) and with a soundproofing performance of 52 dB in accordance with ISO 717-1.

What can be done if the room is not high enough?

All STUDIOBRICKS acoustic booths can also be delivered in different heights.

Let us know [Contact page] what height you have available and we will be glad to make you a bid.


Quality and materials

Studiobricks attaches special importance to the quality of its products. Therefore, only high-grade materials are used for the production of the cabins. This includes in particular the environmental compatibility of the building materials used.

When manufacturing the cabins, Studiobricks relies without exception on components from European production that are supplied by recognized specialist companies. The production and processing of the materials are therefore subject to the high EU standards. Each cabin is assembled and inspected by Studiobricks employees prior to shipment.

The materials used have been certified by independent testing bodies and comply with EU standards. In addition, the wood-based materials used fulfill the requirements of the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) under the Toxic Substances Control Act, Title VI, and California Air Resources Board, Phase 2.

Through this approach, Studiobricks ensures the consistently high and certified quality of its cabins, as evidenced by the brand name on the products.

How thick are the booth walls?

The various product lines have the following wall structures:

  • STUDIOBRICKS One: Double-wall – 3.15 inch (8 cm)

  • STUDIOBRICKS Standard: Double-wall – 3.15 inch (8 cm)

  • STUDIOBRICKS Pro: Triple-wall – 4.33 inch (11 cm)



Which booth is recommended for a drum kit?

A drum kit usually fits in a booth with internal dimensions of 6.89 x 6.89 inch (2.10 x 2.10 m).

STUDIOBRICKS Pro has the best results for sound insulation.

How are STUDIONBRICKS delivered?

As soon as the booth is on its way to you, you will receive a shipment tracking number. The haulage company will contact you to coordinate the day and time of delivery.

The booth is delivered in a wooden box to the entrance to your home. You will need another person to help you carry the contents of the box to the place you want to construct the booth.


What do I need in order to construct a STUDIOBRICKS booth?

We recommend the following tools for construction:

  • A crowbar or similar is very useful for opening the transport box. A strong screwdriver would also work.

  • A spirit level is needed for aligning the floor.

  • For assembling the blocks, it is easier to use a mallet than your bare hands.


What is the delivery period for orders?

We always have STUDIOBRICKS One booths in stock and can ship them at short notice.

STUDIOBRICKS Standard and Pro booths have a delivery period of around six weeks.


How is the booth ventilated?

We use a ventilator, available as an accessory, for most booths. It is very quiet and contains an air filter for clean air.

The booth air is blown out from a soundproofed exhaust air oulet. For larger booths, we recommend installing two fans.

In the case of larger projects, we can connect the booth to the ventilation or air conditioning system.

A simple DIY solution is to connect a portable ventilation system, such as the one from tripplite. This ventilator should be placed outside the booth due to its high noise level.

How are cables passed through the booth?

Each acoustic booth has a cable tunnel for four cables.

Further cable tunnels can be ordered, of course. The following video shows you how it works.

Can I change the acoustics in the booth?

STUDIOBRICKS acoustic booths are equipped with premium foam elements from Vicoustic®.

For recording (speaker) booths, we recommend ordering additional elements in order to create the necessary stereophonic sound without echo. The following elements are used in the booths as standard:


Can I install STUDIOBRICKS acoustic booths in a flat?

Because the STUDIOBRICKS acoustic booths have a high weight, they should stand on a concrete surface.

For smaller booths, the load corresponds to the usual area loads planned in residential buildings. For larger booths, please ask a structural engineer.

The following is shown as an example for the load carrying capacity of the surface.


Where can I try STUDIOBRICKS booths?

For our acoustic booths we have many Showrooms.



Has your question not been answered?

No problem. Get in touch and ask us your question.


Send us your requirements and wishes via our inquiry form. We will advise you without obligation and can provide you a suitable offer.

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